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Around the world, women seem to be making gains. For the first time in its history Ethiopia has achieved gender parity at the highest levels of government, including its first female president. New Zealand’s prime minister is only the world’s second head of state to have a baby while in office. Countries like the U.K. and Iceland are making it mandatory for companies to report their gender pay gaps. And countries like Germany, Serbia, Nepal, and Namibia are all led by women. The #MeToo movement has given added momentum to women’s empowerment in the U.S. and around the world.

As a women–owned company we celebrate these successes. Yet women’s empowerment is not so simple. Inequalities still persist. In many countries women lack access to education and services, and are excluded from formal work. Many are victims of sexual violence. At the same time, gender quotas and inclusion initiatives do not always yield business and policy successes. We take a look at what’s being done, what’s working, what can be done better, and what ‘women’ mean for the future of business and policy.

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