Welcome to Magpie Advisory

Magpie Advisory is a different kind of advisory firm delivering reliable, objective analysis on political events and mega–trends in the most illuminating, efficient, and actionable ways possible. We focus on the countries, regions, and topics we know inside–out and upside–down. No bias. No nonsense. Magpie brings together advisory services and thought leadership at the intersection of China, Africa, disruptive technologies, and women in foreign policy and in the workplace. At Magpie Advisory, we provide expert insights worthy of the time, attention, and trust of the business and policy leaders with whom we’re proud to work.

Our namesake – magpie – comes from Magpie Lane, a historic lane in Oxford, England, along which our founder and CEO, Aleksandra, would everyday ride her bicycle as a student. The magpie bird is also one of the most intelligent animals and the only non-mammal to recognize itself in a mirror test. And, well, we think that’s pretty great.

You can learn more about our services – Executive Strategy; Geopolitical Strategy; Custom Research; and our Speaking & Media engagements via the sidebar on the left. And you can read expert analysis on our flagship issues here.