Magpie Advisory is a geopolitical risk and future trends company that connects advisory services and thought leadership. We help business and policy leaders understand and navigate the political events and trends affecting their organizations.

The world is becoming more complex

It’s a pretty messy time for business and policy leaders just now. Political uncertainty, technological disruption, shifting demographics, big data, environmental challenges and elusive but highly demanding citizens and consumers mean leaders have to make strategic decisions in the face of rapid change and under increasing pressure. The world is moving fast. Keeping up is tricky.

And in an increasingly networked world, important connections can be hard to spot

Increasing global complexity is making it more difficult to identify and understand important issues and their drivers. The spread of fake headlines, fake controversies, and even fake news doesn’t help. Often, in–house teams aren’t able to develop the kind of deep expertise that would help them cut through the noise fast enough. This leads to overlooked challenges and missed opportunities.

Magpie helps business and policy leaders connect the dots

We at Magpie Advisory love to think about political risks and macro uncertainty. We’ve devoted our academic and professional careers to it. We go beyond generic approaches and take a holistic, systems thinking approach to generate smart, rigorous insights for our clients. And because we don’t think in silos, we can often pick up on weak signals that may evolve into major future trends.

Our flagship issues

We are building Magpie Advisory around a simple proposition: Deliver objective, meaningful, and intellectually honest insights for business and policy leaders alike. This means knowing what we know, and knowing what we don’t know. We’ve developed in–depth expertise across a range of countries, regions, and issues and concentrate our work there. As we grow, so do our focus areas.

Our mission

Magpie Advisory believes that with the right information, business and policy leaders can make the strategic decisions that enable their organizations to be forces for good. We are proud to be their eyes and ears. We also believe life is simple: if we think big, deliver the best possible services, and show authentic appreciation for our clients and those who support us, we will be successful.

So, thank you for visiting Magpie Advisory.