“A new geopolitics: when corporations take sides.” Aleksandra in  Bold Global

“A new geopolitics: when corporations take sides.” Aleksandra in Bold Global

Geopolitical strategy

Geopolitics is back. Trade tensions, shifting global alliances, swelling social movements: business and policy leaders today are no longer isolated from politics – they are directly affected by it. We help our clients anticipate and navigate the opportunities and challenges arising from political events and mega-trends related to China, Africa, disruptive technologies, and women in foreign policy and in the workplace. We aim to deliver the cleanest, smartest, and most objective analyses possible.

In today’s messy world, that’s no easy task. Increasing complexity makes it harder to identify and understand key issues and their drivers. We take a holistic, systems thinking approach that helps clients connect the dots between important events, trends, and their tangible implications. Rigorous research is at the heart of what we do. And we’re proud to have a wide network of experts in the policy, business, and academic communities to support our work.

Custom briefings

We provide concise, event-driven analyses and tailored, in-depth reports on the countries, regions, and themes that matter most to you. Our content is designed and narrated with true expertise, and always with a focus on the implications of political events and mega-trends – strictly no reporting. We publish our briefings weekly, fortnightly, and monthly. Longer reports by request and on a project basis.

market entry & transactional support

Whether we like it or not, politics is increasingly at the heart of overseas business transactions. We unpack factors in the political and business environments that affect market entry strategy and deal feasibility. We’re especially well-versed in African markets, the U.S., and China. Our services range from data–rich insights to size markets and identify gaps to assessments of macroeconomic risks.

scenario planning

Planning for the future is key to all business and policy decision–making. But predicting the future is tricky in a world with constantly evolving technologies, changing demographics, and geopolitical uncertainty. We work with clients to build scenarios that capture how the future might unfold and help them develop decision–making strategies in each case.

The future trends on which we’re particularly focused include: African economic development; China–Africa relations; the evolution and implications of disruptive technologies in emerging markets; Chinese foreign policy, including the Belt and Road Initiative; and female leadership in global policy. You can access our thinking on many of these issues here as well as in the global press.