“Europe is waking up to a new reality” says Mapgie CEO, speaking on EU–Africa ties

“Europe is waking up to a new reality” says Mapgie CEO, speaking on EU–Africa ties

Executive strategy

Being a leader is never easy. Being a leader of a large organization is even less so. Too much time is spent resolving internal conflicts, reconciling budgets, and managing performance. Too little time is spent thinking about broader strategic issues like geopolitical risks and technology trends. Seventy percent of business leaders today spend an average of one day per month reviewing strategy. Eighty-five percent of management teams spend less than an hour per month reviewing strategy. That’s not enough. Without a solid grasp of their external environment, leaders risk chasing unrealistic targets and missing opportunities.

Magpie helps business and policy leaders filter, prioritize, and understand the political events and future trends relevant to them. We focus on events and trends related to China, Africa, disruptive technologies, and women in policy and in the workplace. Our briefings and workshops are designed to help our clients make smart, informed decisions on the critical issues they face.

CEO briefings

Our CEO briefings help busy leaders rapidly absorb and respond to complex, fast–moving events and trends. Because we take a holistic, systems thinking approach to issues, our briefs are also designed to help leaders connect the dots between issues that may first seem unrelated. Our briefings have one main objective: help leaders get smarter, faster.

Global board briefings

Magpie Advisory provides management and advisory boards with efficient, data-driven briefings to inform their decision-making. We’ve briefed national government entities and boards of some of the world’s leading multinationals on business opportunities in African markets, financial technology trends, China’s foreign policy, and the challenges facing female entrepreneurs in developing economies.

Executive team workshops

At Magpie, we love a good workshop. We believe a healthy exchange of ideas is key to a solid understanding of the external environment and its tangible implications for strategy. We facilitate workshops to incorporate geopolitics and mega-trends into strategic plans and processes. We're also always happy to come in to dissect global headlines when the news cycle gets too noisy.