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African issues have always been debated, but the debates have tended to be on the periphery of global business and policy. In recent years a growing African population, rapid technological adoption, deepening global interconnectedness – all in spite of persistent development and governance challenges – have started to bring the continent into the mainstream. Africa is a region with great dynamism and resources, and also great challenges. Its complexities are often difficult to grasp.

Africa is in many ways at the core of Magpie. Our founder, Aleksandra, has over a decade of experience in the African region. She has published extensively on China-Africa relations and has a wide network of contacts in the continent’s academic, business, policy, and political communities. Our Africa coverage focuses on the Africa of the future: how to equip the continent with resources for a new kind of global economy; how to ensure technology reduces social inequality rather than entrenching it; how relations with powers like China and the U.S. may impact Africa; and what the region’s own politics mean for the rest of the world.

Book / Africa and China: How Africans and Their Governments are Shaping Relations with China

“A collection to read carefully, learn from, and savor.” – Deborah Bräutigam, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies


Analysis / Fintech in Africa

Financial technology in African markets is helping to drive inclusive growth

Analysis / African competitiveness

How can African entrepreneurs today be and remain competitive?




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